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Clover SC Listing LLC is a business directory listing is for doing business in our town with LOVE in the middle. Clover SC Listing LLC directory is just like Yellow Pages, Yelp and many other online business directory but we are local and our prices are low. Here you can find out all about the town’s local businesses, rentals, Events, restaurants and shops. First off, we are located right here at 1112 Hines, Rd. 29710 and we love our town. We believe in giving back to our community by shopping local. Doing this gives back to our local small business owners. There is a lot to do around us. You can eat anything from home cooked meals to exotic meals at one of many restaurants here in town. In the summertime you can watch movies in the park that is put on by the Town of Clover.  The town also has the Larne Building that you can rent out for events. You use our buddy forum which is like Facebook. You can read more about us in our about us page.
Clover is a peaceful, small town in South Carolina that offers many amenities like fine dining, entertainment, and endless shopping options. With an estimated population of about 5,158, Clover is known for its rich historic ambiance and surrounding beauty. the town is located at the northwestern end of York County, SC. Below are some of the best things to do near me.

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Events That Has happened in 2017

Our town has had many fun things to do in 2017 from our annual Scottish Festival to our Clover Auto Show and Fall Festival. The year is not over yet. We still have some things to do before the end of the year. So go and help out with the Toys for Tots. You have until December 18th to help Santa by donating a new, unwrapped toy. You can drop it off at the Clover Police Department.

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