Advertising with Clover SC Listing LLC

Business, Rental, and Event Package Plans

Advertising with Clover SC Listing LLC

Advertising with us will put your business on the internet map by listing your business with one of Clover SC Listing LLC packages.

  1. Start your listing with a 30 day trial then just $19.99 a month 
  2. We promise to give your listing our best.
  3. Help in ranking your listing to bring you more customers.
    4.You can even add a website page with reviews for all over the internet on your website page, that is dedicated to your advertising listing $99.99 a month.
    5.Build your online present with a bolg about your business, event or rental property.
    6.We are here to help your small business succeed by saving you money over the big business directory.


30 Day Trial


  • One listing submission
  • 30 days expiration
  • Submit your business
  • Cancel at anytime


With One Page Website



  • One listing submission
  • 30 days expiration
  • Submit your business to directory
  • One page website
  • Reviews from Facebook and Google map listing on OPW
  • Cancel at anytime

Rental Property


  • One Rental Property listing submissions
  • 30 days expiration
  • Rental Property Directory
  • Cancel at anytime



  • One listing submissions
  • 30 days expiration
  • Submit your business
  • Create events
  • Cancel at anytime

Enhance your business listing on Clover SC Listing LLC

Build profile strength and get more clicks and views by adding engaging content – like hours of operation, coupons, and more. We’ll show you how.

The Role of Business Listings in Local SEO

Local business listings and citations play a vital role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. That’s why it’s critical to see the big picture of their purpose.
Clover SC Listing is live unlike some business listing site that are paivate. When a listing site is paivate the search engines can not see
your listing this is not good for your brand.

Online marketing: Is necessity for all local businesses

Internet marketing is now a necessity for every single local business. If a business can’t be found on the web today, then you are loseing pretential customers.
Every day, consumers use the Internet to get advice before making any purchases. They’re reading through reviews found on local business directories
like Google My Business and Yelp that are not realy local. If your business isn’t listed completely and accurately on Clover SC Listing LLC, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Claim your business’ listings

The fact is, many free online business directories might be displaying your business listing without you even knowing it —
and often, the information is inaccurate. Your customers might already be writing reviews about your business on local review websites,
which means potential customers are reading them. You need to find, claim, and verify your business information on these directories.

Another great benefit from business listings is that you can increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
For example, Google favors small businesses that have detailed profiles on Google My Business.

Search engines pulls information from Clover SC Listing LLC of your business and display them under your business name for local search results.

Respond To Reviews and Blog Post

More and more each year, marketing becomes a dialogue. Engage, encourage, and respond to consumers who have opinions about your business.

These reviews matter to both consumers and businesses. Consumers value reviews – a study done by in 2014 shows
that 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s a lot! It’s critical that your
business is listed online so consumers can read reviews and share their experiences with your company.

Your customers and potential customers are already using local reviews to find businesses. Don’t waste any more time — jump in and use those reviews!
You will get honest feedback from your customers while building your brand at the same time.
Start asking your customers to leave a review of your business. When a customer gives you good feedback, ask them to share their experience on a local review website.
The more reviews you have, the stronger your reputation is. That can equal more business.

Don’t be afraid of a bad review. If you come across a bad review, leave a comment and invite the customer to contact you so you can have a chance to win back their business.
This shows the customer you have integrity and care about their opinion.